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Changing your Internet browser proxy settings manually can be a hassle, especially if you have to remember quite a few different proxies, or only use a couple of them infrequently. ThinkProxy streamlines this process by saving your proxy server details, and enabling you to turn it on or off with only 2 clicks.
Click to view Servers window screenshotThe Servers window enables you to add, edit and remove the servers you need to use. You can also prevent a server from appearing in the popup menu by clearing its checkbox, this will allow you to keep the server's settings for a later date when you need it again.

You can also assign a colour to each server so that you can see at a glance which one is currently turned on.
Click to view Options window screenshotIn the Options window you can specify how you want ThinkProxy to work for you. Here you can set defaults, select actions to take on startup and on exit, and enter servers to exclude.

Below there are 2 screenshots of the system tray. The server 'Work - London:8080' has been set as the default, and in the options Double-clicking the system tray icon has been set to toggle the default on/off. This is why the 'Work - London:8080' and 'Turned Off' both appear as bold in the menu. A bullet appears next to the currently selected menu option.
ThinkProxy Popup Menu - Turned off

If the icon is red, that
means that no proxy is set.
ThinkProxy Popup Menu - Turned on

When turned on, the icon changes to its
assigned colour, in this case turquoise.
If an unlisted/unknown server is detected then the icon will change to black.