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  1. I've just installed ThinkProxy and I'm getting an error:
    'The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)'

    This is most likely because you have not installed the Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1

  2. How do I edit a server I've already added?
    Open the Servers window and click on the server you want to edit. This will populate the textboxes along the top, edit any info and then click Add. If you change the server address/IP then it will be added as a new server, otherwise the new data will overwrite the existing server.

  3. What are the colours for?
    When you switch to a proxy the colour of the system tray icon will change to the colour you have assigned to that server. This enables you to see at a glance which server is currently enabled. When the proxy is turned off the icon changes back to the standard red ThinkProxy icon. If an unlisted/unknown server is detected then the icon will change to black.

  4. How can I move my proxy server list to another PC?

    Copy across the proxies.xml file from the application folder. You can also copy across settings.xml to keep your settings.